Thu. Feb 27th, 2020

Reliable Austin maid service

When you are considering Austin maid service, you want to know that your home is respected and cared for by the cleaning professionals in the same manner that you would care for it yourself.





We appreciate your interest in Austin maid service, it has over 30 years of experience in the house cleaning and maid service industry and takes a personal interest in each and every client we serve. We constantly train, review, and solicit feedback about our staff to ensure you get the quality cleaning service you deserve. We go through a complete background check of all employees for your safety.

We offer:

•  Dependable, Consistent and Efficient Cleaning Services.

•  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

•  Complete liability coverage.

•  Screening and Background Checks of all Employees.

•  English speaking employees.

•  Move-In/Move-Out Make Ready Cleaning Service Available.

•  Flexible Scheduling.

For as long as human history, there has been competition, with each person
striving for control and domination of available resources. Some personalities exceed at establishing themselves, while others play a lesser
role. For those who exceed, many like to laud their accomplishments over those that may be perceived as having a lesser social/economic status. Feeling superior they work to create a separation between themselves and there lesser peers.

Class based hierarchies have existed as far back as recorded history. Those included in the upper social/economic circles have sought to control the lower circles through slavery and being a servant.

Being a servant for a long time was the only path that many knew. Being raised as a servant, one could rise in the ranks and have special opportunities afforded them. They still were however, servants/slaves. Being a house maid/maiden was preferable to being assigned tasks
in the field or yard which was much more demanding physically. However, the
house servant need to deal with much more emotional baggage, always keeping their emotions in check.

Many terms have been used of the years to describe maids, including

  • Maiden: Young unmarried female who devoted their life to the household.
  • Maid Servant: Similar to maiden.
  • Housekeeper: One who visits the house, but doesn’t necessarily reside at the house.

Maids in the past, were not always paid for there services in a monetary way.
They where provided shelter and food often in excess of what they could have afforded without the arrangement. The very affluent often had teams of maids that took care of every estate need so that they could concentrate on what was socially required for persons in their economic ranking. Within the maid teams, they maintained their own heir arch, with the top levels going to those with years of experience, giving the servants a career path of their own. Some of these hierarchy’s included during the Victorian era include the Housekeeper who managed the entire household and was confided the top level of servant. The next step down was the Lady’s maid and catered to the Lady of the house. A variety of other classifications below this existed including:

  • parlor maids
  • chamber maids
  • laundry maids
  • kitchen maids
  • nannies

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