Importance of CCTV in Home and Office

Home and business security is one of the most important things in this day and age. Insecurity is on the rise in the country today and the amount of loss experienced from home break-ins and insecurity in businesses is so much.

CCTV cameras have become an excellent option in keeping homes and offices more secure. A lot of home owners and business people have already invested in these security systems, but there are others who are still thinking about it. If you are yet to make up your mind, here are some of the reason why you need this installation done today.

Importance of CCTV in Home and Office

Keep burglars and intruders off

CCTV cameras have become a major turn-off for intruders and burglars. No one will dare to attack your home or business when they are aware that you have security cameras installed. The cameras will capture every action, including the identity of perpetrators, and will help the law enforcers to nub them. With that knowledge, criminals will not dare to attack a home or office that is guarded by CCTV cameras.  This should keep your home and business safe and productive for long.

CCTV cameras will help you take care of others

importance of cctv

A CCTV camera at home or in the office can help you take care of others even in your absence. At home for instance, you can leave your children and ensure that they are absolutely safe, with the help of CCTV cameras. If there is an elderly or sickly member of the family at home, you can closely monitor how they are handled by the care givers even when you are away. You can do the same for your pets whenever you step out of the house. If anything were to happen in the office in your absence, you will be well aware of it and you can call for help on time.

You are always aware of who is coming to your home or office

Criminals are all over and they attack when you least expect it. It is important to always be aware of who is coming to your office or home, and CCTV cameras can help you with that. In a business setting for instance, there are many people who will be coming in and leaving. It is good to identify them to avoid any insecurity threat. With a camera in place, you can clearly see who is at the door before opening it. This will keep everyone and everything safe.

You can always know what happens when you are away

There is a lot that can happen in your home in your absence without your knowledge. To capture this, install CCTV cameras around and inside the house. These cameras will also help you monitor closely what happens in your business in your absence. If there is something odd that happened while you were away, you can easily find out how it happen and who was behind it. The cameras will ensure that your employees are working as they should even in your absence.

Importance of CCTV in Home , Office

Identify security threats before they happen

A CCTV camera can help you stay safe even in the middle of an insecurity threat. If for instance you hear noise outside or downstairs in the middle of the night, you can quickly check what it is and call for help before any danger gets to you. You can also call police on time if you identify suspicious person entering your business premises, even before they commit a crime.

Installing a CCTV camera at home or office is an invaluable investment for your home and office and for tour safety as well. For CCTV cmaera installation contact SOS Electrical Contractors.

11 Ways To Earn Working From Home In The UK

Working from home over the internet and earning money online if the dream for many. We’ve realized that many people would prefer that lifestyle. 

Thanks to the internet, there are many legit ways to make money online working from home without or with minimal investment.  You can work virtually from anywhere, at home on your couch, at the bank,  while in line waiting, or anywhere you can spare some minutes.

What are some ordinary ways to make money online?

Online surveys

Major brands and companies are always seeking for Research firms to help them understand the market dynamics better, gather feedback on a certain product, and so on so forth.   It’s an easy way for you to make quick and easy money online just by conducting these online surveys on a given demographic or market segment.  The earnings are paid as cash or rewards.  Legit ones include Toluna, The Opinion Panel,  Panel Opinion, and Branded Surveys among others.

Paid for searching the web

Searching the web is one of the simplest ways of earning money online without much effort or change in your schedule.  Simply install an add-on to your browser and when you perform a search a few sponsored results alongside your search may be displayed.

Online market trading

The hard-to-get-into sector of investing in stock markets and currencies has been made simpler.With the help of online market trading platforms just about anyone can do it.Selecting the appropriate share dealing account is a critical judgement for any UK investor. Since every UK trader has their own exclusive strategies, needs, and preferences select one that suits you carefully.

Start your own website

If you are interested in generating passive income, why not have your own website? You can make money while asleep, literally. Launching a website with some hosting companies takes less than 30 minutes; it’s affordable and is simple. Simply log on social media to get your first visitors, and monetise your site. There are numerous guides and tutorials offering you step-by-step guides on how to start a website.

Review websites &apps for cash

If you are always online, why not turn pro and browse websites as a paid job?  One such site of is a new platform that rewards anyone to review various types of websites. Reviews often take less than half an hour and you get paid via PayPal.

‘Get Paid To’ sites

Same as earning money from online surveys, GPT sites remunerate you in cash and vouchers for finishing a variety of various offers or completing online activities.

The most prevalent sites are Toluna and InboxPounds.

Write and publish a Kindle eBook

Anyone can publish an eBook and get paid via the Amazon Kindle store.  The app is now compatible with any smart device.  The key to success with eBooks is to create value, and write non-fiction. Have a great cover designed to make it unique, and once your book is live in the Kindle store it’s vital to have some reviews so it shows up higher in results. Ask readers to leave a review after reading the book.

Affiliate marketing

If you’ve a good following and are active on social media or you even own a blog or website, you can earn by promoting firms, products, services and offers online.

Sign up for different sites and check their offers or browse the merchant listings for something you think people might be interested in; get an affiliate link and share it. If someone uses your link to purchase you get a commission. Set up a website or a Facebook page and invite your friends to join it and post your affiliate offers there.

Become a ‘Clickworker’

The idea relies on internet crowd-sourcing.  Here businesses advertise specific, scalable jobs that are urgent. There are a variety of tasks, but most commonly they involve surveys, data entry, web research or form filling. You are then rewarded after completion of tasks.  You must have a PayPal account to receive payment.

Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace for people to make money selling small services.  You can provide absolutely anything, from writing and transcription, social media posting, doing eBooks, designing logos, and short video clips for people around the globe!

The defaulting price is $5, but you can include additional services to gigs for extra cash money. You also can resell gigs elsewhere for more money.

Buy and sell domain names

A domain name is just a website address and there are various extensions such as .com, .net, among others.  Go for domain names with commercial viability, acquire them up and then list them for sale on a site such as

There are many ways to earn working from home in the UK.  However, it can be difficult for some to stay focused and work on tasks at all times.  Write out a list of short-term and long-term goals that can motivate you.  After finishing each goal, reward yourself for the efforts.  Do not hesitate to ask for help or hire out for certain tasks.  There is simply not enough time in one day to accomplish everything that needs to get done.

Sustainable ways to earn online working from home


Stress Free Move with Big Yellow Express

Here in the United Kingdom, the majority of the population resides in the cities. Most of these residents prefer renting apartments or homes over buying/owning homes, for one reason or the other. Living in a large city comes with constant moving and shifting; sometimes you get a job in another part of the city or outside the city and have to relocate on short notice.

  • The moving process can be quite stressful and expensive, especially for the aged and the newly employed people who’re still trying to build their finances.
  • While moving, it is recommended that you make sure all your belongings are well packed in order to prevent them from getting damaged or lost. In addition to that, you also need to be careful to avoid accidents that could lead to injuries as you lift and load bulky consignments.
  • This, however, cannot be guaranteed if you decide to do everything all by yourself; it is recommended that you seek the help of professional Man and Van services. Here at Big Yellow Express, we will provide you with Stress-Free Man and Van Services.

About Big Yellow Express;

  • Big Yellow Express is a London based man and van company that covers the surrounding areas of Kensington and Chelsea, Fulham, Bromley, Southwark, Lambeth, Sutton, Croydon; and many other areas around the UK.
  • We have been providing our services for a long time to Londoners looking to relocate to a new address within the city, the UK, or even abroad within Europe.
  • We are trustworthy and credible. The services we provide include household moving, commercial moving and large-scale moving for those of you with heavy and bulky equipment.
  • At Big Yellow Express, client satisfaction and convenience comes first, profitability and such are just the result of our hard work and passion for the job.

Why Choose Us; 

There are a thousand and one reasons why Big Yellow Express leads and others follow;

  • Our Charges are affordable;

Big yellow express offers affordable services in a fast and timely manner, getting everything done professionally and in an eco friendly manner. Most importantly, we never ask for any upfront deposit when you hire our services.

  • We provide quality work;

Our professional team of movers will ensure that your consignment is well managed and carefully handled. We also make a point of ensuring that we get your approval of exactly how you would need your items to be packed in our vans. Other than that, we have all the necessary skills, equipment and various types of vans that will help us facilitate the moving process effectively.

  • Our Services are Quick and Flexible;

At Big Yellow Express, we provide our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the convenience of our clients. In addition to that, we are quick to respond. This makes us the best choice for those of you who make last minute decisions. Hire us to get the quickest services in town. We understand that time is money. Therefore we assure you that not a second of your time will be wasted.

  • We are fully insured;

Again, we are one of the few Man and Van companies that are fully insured against any kind of scenario during moving. You, therefore, you do not have to worry about insurance coverage in case of injuries, accidents, and damages to your property. Besides that, we have enough professional working experience that we have acquired over the many years we’ve been in the removal and moving industry. Not surprisingly, 97% of our clients confess that they are satisfied with our services and would still hire us again when moving.

  • Friendly Customer Care Services;

We also pride ourselves of a warm and welcoming customer care team. We understand that each and every client has unique requirements and expectations; it’s our singular duty to understand these requirements quickly and in detail. If it pleases you, we also like to contact you afterwards to find out whether you were pleased with the services, whether you have any complain or suggestion; your feedback is what helps us improve and better our service delivery.

  • We are a certified Company;

All our drivers are CRB certified and we are fully licensed and authorized to offer removal services both within the UK and to any destination within the EU. We’re always more than glad to show you the certifications to prove this for clients who are sensitive.

For as little as £20p/h, get in touch with Big Yellow Express and sample our different packages; we can always work a way out regardless of your budget. No wonder we are your listening and caring partner for all your man and van needs here in London and beyond.


Learn to surf with Progress Surf Academy

Learn to surf Wales with Progress surf Academy a Gower & Swansea surf school sponsored by Progress SurfProgress surf Academy run their Welsh surfing school on Gower and Provide Gower and Swansea surfing lessons for all.

Gower & Swansea surf school, Progress surf Academy is a Swansea surfing centre running surfing lessons at Gower surfing beach Llangennith and Swansea surfing beach Caswell bay for Progress surfing lessons.  We also provide Gower and Swansea surfboard hire at Caswell bay and Gower surfing equipment rental at Llangennith.

Learn to surf Wales with the most progressive, friendly and customer focussed Swansea & Gower surfing school and Swansea surfing centre, Gower and Swansea surf school which is operated by Progress surf Academy and sponsored by Progress surf. You will love our Gower surfing lessons and Swansea surfing lessons of the highest quality, with professionally BSA qualified instructors.  We also offer Gower surfboard hire and Gower and Swansea surf school surfboard hire.

Gower & Swansea surf school, Progress Surf Academy is a BSA approved Welsh surfing school (British surfing association) and approved by Visit Wales (previously the Wales tourist board).  We are also approved by the city and county of Swansea and act as a Swansea outdoor activity and surfing provider for the city and county of Swansea.