Apply for Lending Stream

My-QuickLoan have designed this product to require no additional paper work to extend your repayment cycle. The loan is designed so that you pay only interest on the first pay date followed by the monthly interest due (on the reducing principal balance) along with a fraction of the principal, split into equal instalments, for the remainder of the loan term. We want you to get through your cash emergency with as little negative impact on your financial condition as possible. So, we encourage you to consider prepaying the loan to keep the total interest charges as low as possible. Remember, there are NO prepayment penalties.

No Hidden Fees
The charges you see in the “our charges” section are exactly what you need to repay. There are no hidden charges.

Credit Check
When you apply for a loan, we use a sophisticated credit checking system to verify your identity and creditworthiness. This is done to help us ensure that you have the ability to repay. We suggest that you borrow only if you have a short-term emergency need for cash and are confident you can repay on time.

Loan Limits
We would like you to borrow only the amount you need to address your short-term cash emergency. We try to lend out only as much as we believe you can repay. Typically, new customers are offered loans up to £400 and existing customers can apply for loans up to £1000.

Information Security
We understand that the security of every single piece of information we collect from you is important. As a fully licensed credit provider, we have designed our processes to protect your information. Rest assured that we are working hard to make sure that your information will not be misused.




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